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File Date/Time Toucher

This sounds a little odd at first, but the concept is really simple.

Any file on your computer has a few date/time values that your operating system records; Created date/time, Last Modified date/time, Last Accessed date/time.

Sometimes there is a need to modify those values.  One of the guys here needed to modify these dates so that the files would sort correctly by date and by filename on his computer.  He had thousands of files to do so doing it manually wasn't an option...

There were other programs out there that would do this sort of thing, but there was a catch...  he needed to have the timestamp increment with each new file.  So the first file needed a modified date of 1-Jan-2013 08:00, and the next file needed to be 1-Jan-2013 08:01, etc, etc.

We were unable to find a program that did this, so we wrote one in an hour or so..

You can download this program for free..  if you want the source code (C#), shoot us an email using the contact form.